2nd Term Exams Routine (For Classes Nursery to 10) 

Examination Routine – 2018
2nd Terminal (for Classes Nursery – 10)
Dates Day Nur KG 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
10/09/2018 Mon English Science Maths Maths Maths Soc. Sci. Soc. Sci. Maths Maths Maths Soc Sci Sci
11/09/2018 Tue Dict Dict Eng. I Science Eng I Eng. 2 Science Sci. Eng. 2 Soc. Sci Eng 6th Subj
12/09/2018 Wed Reading Rhymes Soc Sci Eng 1 Science Eng 1 Eng. 2 Eng 1 Science Eng 1 6th Subj 2nd Lang
13/09/2018 Thurs Dr/H.W English M.Sci Hindi Comp Hindi M.Sci/Cat Hindi Comp Hindi SL SL
14/09/2018 Fri Conv Reading Science Eng. 2 Soc. Sci. Maths Maths Soc. Sci. Soc. Sci. Science Maths Maths
15/09/2018 Sat SL SL Eng 2 Soc Sci Eng 2 Science Eng 1 Eng 2 Eng 1 Eng 2 2nd Lang Eng
16/09/2018 Sun
17/09/2018 Mon Maths Maths Hindi G.K Hindi M.Sci/Cat Hindi M.Sci/Cat Hindi GK Sci Soc. Sci.
18/09/2018 Tue G.K M.Sci/Cat G.K G.K G.K Comp GK M.Sci M.Sci Comp/Prac
19/09/2018 Wed M.Sci/Cat Comp Comp GK M.Sci/Cat Comp


Computer Practical Schedule
Date Day Event
29.08.2018 Wed Computer Practical for Class 5
30.08.2018 Thur Computer Practical for Class 4
31.08.2018 Fri Computer Practical for Class 3
18.09.2018 Tue Comp. Pract. for Class 10
19.09.2018 Wed Computuer Practical for Class 9
20.09.2018 Thu Computer Practical for Class 7
21.09.2018 Fri Computuer Practical for Class 8 & 6

NB: Parents are to pay fees upto the month of August, 2018 to write exams; those who are able to pay are requested to pay upto October, 2018.

Assessment for Drawing, Handwriting, Dictation & Conversation are not indicated for Classes I and above. Teachers will conduct these assessments in their own convenient time.

Mid Term Exams Routine (For Classes 11 & 12.)

Examination Routine – 2018
Mid Terminal for Classes XI & XII
Dates Day Class XI (Arts) Class XI (Sci) Class XII (Arts) Class XII (Sci)
31/08/2018 Tue EVS EVS EVS EVS
01/09/2018 Sat Education Biology English English
07/09/2018 Fri History Maths Economics Physics
10/09/2018 Mon Economics Physics Pol. Sci. Maths
11/09/2018 Tue Alt/Hindi Alt/Hindi Education Biology
12/09/2018 Wed English English Alt/Hindi Alt/Hindi
13/09/2018 Thurs SL SL SL SL
14/09/2018 Fri Political Sci Chemistry History Chemistry
17/09/2018 Mon All the teachers to submit the marks before going home

 NB: Students of Classes XI & XII are to clear their fees upto the month of September, 2018 on or before 4th Sept and only students without the admit cards won’t be allowed to write exams from 10th Sept., 2018 onwards

Exams Timing: 8.10 am to 11.30 am