34Dominic Savio (Italian Domenico Savio; April 2, 1842 – March 9, 1857) was an Italian adolescent student of  Saint John Bosco. He was in the boarding house of Don Bosco when he became ill and died at the age of 14.

His teacher, John Bosco, had very high regard for Savio, and wrote a biography of his young student, “The Life of Dominic Savio”. This volume, along with other accounts of him, was critical factors in his cause for  sainthood. Despite the fact that many people considered him to have died at too young an age fourteen to be considered for sainthood, he was considered eligible for such singular honour on the basis of his having displayed ” heroic virtue” in his everyday life. He is the only saint of his age group, which includes Maria Goretti  (age 11) and Ponticus of Lyons  (age 15), who was declared to be a saint not on the basis of his having been a  martyr, but on the basis of having lived what was seen as a holy life. He was canonized  a Saint on June 12, 1954 by  Pope Pius XII, making him the youngest non-martyr to be canonized in the  Catholic Church.