The Japanese have a term Wabi-Sabi that plainly describes the beauty that is “imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete, and this is a good thing” to embrace both the peaks and valleys in our lives, constantly striving to attain a balance within ourselves and our surroundings. Let us admit we are all work in progress.
As a Psychologist counselling for the past three years, I have been addressing to a wide spectrum of academic and developmental need(s) my counsellee sought help for. It has aided in improving self-awareness, emotional management, exploring strengths and weaknesses, setting short term and long term goals, defeating blocks to learning processes, acquiring learning skills, capacitating students with skills of problem-solving and decision-making, time management, substance abuse, relationship issues, career planning, coping with a death in a family or divorces are among some of the areas of concern I have been helping students with. Facilitating the development of the students as a whole to face real world challenges and achieve Goals, enhance their careers by collaborating with the whole school team.

Some school-aged children experience developmental atrophy and Specific Learning Disabilities due to a variety of causes, and to tackle these issues the assistance from the school psychologist/ counsellor can be valuable. Suitable interventions are generated to suit the child’s functioning in his/her environment and aid in Teaching-Learning Processes.
These sessions take place individually or in small groups to examine the nature of the concerns a counsellee has and formulate solutions to encourage proficiency in personal, academic and psychosocial dimensions. Referrals are self or at the request of parents, teachers, students, and Principal. Break time is also used as a prospect to mingle with students in or out the office during school hours.

I find that the concept of a school counsellor/ psychologist is still very new to many, therefore if you have any concerns or queries you may reach me via school office or email me

Mindfulness as Thich Nhat Hahn states is a practice of being fully present and active, body and mind united. It is the energy that helps us to know what is going on in the present moment. In pure words, being aware is the essence of understanding who we are.

I adore my students and my job is more than a job, it is an opportunity to an endless ocean of possibilities to reach out and be of help. I anticipate working with you and/or your child(ren) during the year.


Smita C